Panega Sports at the olympics


In a close cooperation with Sport Vlaanderen (the governing agency of elite sports in Belgium), Panega became an essential tool for Team Belgium!

A recap: 

December 2019:
At the invitation of the medical staff of Team Belgium, Panega joined the Olympic training camp in Belek, Turkey.
During this camp we officially kicked-off the cooperation and educated the entire medical staff (doctors, paramedics, mental coaches) in the usage of the Panega platform.

December 2019 – July 2021:
On a weekly basis, all Olympic athletes were asked 4 simple questions about their medical status and well-being, this by using the Panega Athlete App. All feedback was centralized and visualized in the Panega software, making it easy for the medical staff to monitor all statuses and quickly act in case of any deviation.

In the meantime, individual coaches and athletes could use all Panega features and functionalities that they specifically needed at that time. Analytics learn us that our communication tools, load management, video analysis and questionnaires were the most commonly used features.

July 2021:
With the ultimate moment leading up to, and during the Olympic Games, the intensity and importance of the Panega platform also increased:

  • All communication between medical staff on the one hand, and the coaching staff & athletes on the other hand.
  • All appointments related to medical / paramedical / physiotherapy or medicine intakes are planned via the Panega calendar.
  • Secure document sharing.
  • Some advanced users even use Panega for their full a-z flow!

September 2021:
When the Olympics (and Rule 40 😉) has passed, we will share much more details on the outcome of this great partnership !!