SoccerLab and Panega Sports are now part of the EDGE10 Group

Centralize. Analyze. Visualize.

a Sports Intelligence Platform of interconnected applications

Your solution for :

Traditional Sports


we develop better athletes
by making sports organizations data-driven 

Our 4 promises :


to deliver a full solution for athlete development


to provide tools for every department, and to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration


to create a better follow-up on performance, and to shorten communication lines


to objectify decision making


Don’t take our word for it

Panega offers us the means to guarantee a centrally coordinated medical top sport policy, based on very fast symptom detection and close monitoring.

This makes Belgium one of the leading countries in the world in this field.

Dr. Johan Bellemans
Chief Medical Officer

Panega contains all the functionalities that are super important for a federation to track athletes, leading to efficiency gains & communication gains.

Sofie Debaere
Project Lead elite sports & science
Sport Vlaanderen

The top sports policy in Belgium is very tailor made and flexible, with an eye for each individual athlete. Panega fits perfectly in this picture.

Olav Spahl
Director Elite Sport

By collecting all data about the top athlete on one central platform, the multidisciplinary team around the top athlete can collaborate better.

Steven Van Beylen
Coordinator elite sports
G-Sport federation Parantee-Psylos

The cooperation with the passionate and driven people of Panega leads to a very meaningful project, with which we can take a huge step forward in the elite sports sector.

Tom Coeckelberghs 
Head of department elite sports
Sport Vlaanderen